Q.How do I book a Cruise?

A. Booking a cruise is easy. Simply call one of our experienced Cruise Consultants who will make all of the necessary arrangements.

Q.Do I need Travel Insurance for my Cruise trip?

A. Definitely! You should not assume ‘it won’t happen to me’ – accidents or illness can happen to anyone. We also recommend taking out your insurance at the point of booking your cruise, this will ensure cover from the point you pay a deposit to the point you arrive home.

Q.Are there Visas and vaccinations required for my cruise?

A.We always recommend enquiring about Visa/Vaccination requirements for your destination of travel, upon booking your cruise. Alternatively you can view requirements online at or if you are a New Zealand citizen refer to

Q. I have to fly to a city to pick up my cruise, what time should I arrive prior to the cruise?

A.We recommend ensuring your flight arrives no later than 4 hours before your cruise departure time, if not arrive the day prior. This will ensure ample time and that you do not miss your cruise! When flying home after your cruise, ensure your flight departs no earlier than 5 hours after your cruise arrives back in port. Also ensure you double check your arrival/departure times of your flights a day before you depart as airlines can change times or dates of the flights.

Q. When will I receive my cruise tickets?

A. Provided we have received all of your personal details and you have completed your online cruise registration, along with paid your booking in full, then your cruise tickets and information should arrive within 3 weeks prior to your sail date. Some cruise lines will only issue boarding passes, however each cruise line is different. This is a question to ask at the time your final balance is paid.

Q. How do I find out about shore tours available in each port?

A.Most cruise lines require you to have registered yourself on their website prior to being able to view available shore tours. Most shore tour information can be found online at the cruise website, some cruise lines even let you pre book these tours. This is not a bad idea and saves you time, whilst ensuring you do not miss out!