General Cruising

Q.What is included in my cruise fare?

A. Accommodation, all main meals, entertainment and the use of the ship’s many facilities such as swimming pools, spas, gym, steam rooms etc.

Q. What do I wear on board?

A. Depending on the class of your ship casual clothes are generally suitable during the day. Late afternoon, smart casual clothing is required in public areas, including the restaurants. Some nights on the ship are themed, so be sure to check out the cruise line website for typical theme nights. Generally one night will be formal night.

Q. What is the currency on board?

A. What currency is used on board depends on the origin of the ship and the itinerary. Your consultant will be able to tell you at the time you make a booking.

Q. I get sea sick, is there anything that will help me with this?

A. Larger cruise lines have stabilizers which help with the motion of a cruise ship in the ocean. It is also recommended that you take sea sickness tablets with you. If you still experience motion sickness, the on board doctor will be able to assist.

Q. Do I have to tip on board?

A. Most cruise lines include gratuities in your cruise cost. However in the instance it is not included, it is customary to tip staff at the end of your cruise, just to thank them for their excellent service on board. This is not compulsory, however it is a nice gesture towards the cruise staff.

Q. I need medication on board, can I take this with me?

A. Yes, all medical conditions and medication needs to be advised at the time of making your booking. It is also advised to take a few extra days supply, in case of any unforseen delays. There is also a doctor on board if any medical attention is needed.