Just wanted to let you know how our Cruise went to the Paciifc Islands of New Calendonia and Vanuatu. It has been nearly two weeks since we disembarked from the Carnival Spirit in Sydney but we had a fabulous time. Apart from me being a little seasick for the first couple of days. We had such an enjoyable time and would recomment Carnival Spirit to anyone. The service by all staff amazing, we were totally spoilt & David was looked after so well with his GF diet. The island stops were enjoyable and we enjoyed all of them. The ship is amazing, so much to do (or not to do) and very clean. Couldn't fault anything about it at all.

Just attached a couple of photos which I thought you might like to see. You can see from the pics how relaxed & excited we were.

Loved everyhthing about it and would go again. Thanks for all your help in planning our holliday :)


... Our Cruise on the Pride of America was just the best we had a marvellous time and saw a lot of the Hawaiian Islands on the shore tours, everything booked through the ship was perfect, nothing went wrong at all. We were invited to have dinner with the officers on the ship in the Liberty Diningroom, that was a treat. I also won a lovely piece of artwork (print) in a raffle on board, the ship is sending it home with a new frame, we have to pay the shipping, but didn't mind it as I have a great memory of winning it on the cruise ship The Pride of America while sailing around the Hawaiian Islands. We saw a lot, did a lot, ate a lot and spent a lot...lol and enjoyed every minute of it. My Husband took me out for my 60th B/Day on the Star of Honolulu a lovely dinner cruise around Honolulu. It was a 7 course Silver service dinner and truly magical and romantic. The next day we hired a Harley and cruised around the whole of Oahu which was really beautiful. The next day we went on the Pearl Harbour and the Missouri Battleship tour and that being our last night in Honolulu we had a lobster buffet and rode the Red Double Decker tour bus around Waikiki.

The Aqua Wave Waikiki was wonderful too, we would defintley stay there again. The rooms are lovely and I got a special note from our cleaner and post card for my b/day which was very nice. To sum our holiday and cruise up it was just fantastic and really well organised, thank you - Mahalo for all your help and great assitance and patience Christina, we had such a great holiday and I had the best 60th Birthday anyone could have had.... Hope you like some the photos I have attached for you hopefully you can see them as a slide show..


It is hard to describe in words the plethora of emotions I felt as I received a call from RCI (the night before my 21st wedding anniversary) advising me that I had won a seven night cruise to the South Pacific. Wow! To this day I am still overwhelmed by the unexpected gift and extremely grateful to RCI for giving my husband and I the opportunity to fulfill a life long dream to cruise (which incidentally was initiated by avid viewing of the hit US sitcom "The Love Boat" in my early days).

To all of you happy holiday makers who have never yet "crossed the line" and booked your first holiday "on the high seas" I hope the following highlights from our time aboard P&O Pacific Dawn will be the inspiration you need to take the first step towards planning your own ocean adventure.
So what was our a cruising holiday like?

After a simple embarkment process in Brisbane we stepped aboard "Pacific Dawn" our hearts pounding with excitement. For the next seven days we explored and enjoyed our floating resort "eating up" the fantastic sights and sounds provided by life at sea, truly a feast for the senses!

C - Catering
Talking of "feasting" the food was plenteous, delicious and varied (even for two vegan vegetarians), with a wide selection of culinary experiences ranging from buffet style dining to fine a la carte options. There were ample opportunities to get to know new people during meal times, including the friendly staff who worked tirelessly to ensure that each guest felt "at home".

R- Rooms
Our cabin was excellent, with a large window to appreciate the constantly changing moods and colours of the ocean. The storage space was considerable; with a security safe and also a television (we were too busy to take advantage of this option). Other facilities on board included a library, beauty spa and hair salon, well equipped gymnasium, duty free shops, ice cream store, self serve launderette, cafes (for coffee lovers), bars, a casino and various areas for live entertainment, a large activities centre for children , a great roof top area with comfy deck lounges and swimming pool. There was even a "child free" area provided for quiet sun baking and relaxation.

U - You!
From dawn to dusk the entertainment team ensured we had simply too many options to choose from which consistently kept us active. Boredom was simply not an option on board! There were a wide selection of activities to choose from (once we left our deck chairs)including group sports, games, trivia or singing competitions, dance classes (I enjoyed these!), art and crafts, auctions, bingo and even boot camp! A detailed daily programme was delivered to our door each evening. The cruise staff did all they could to cater for each individuals' preferences and interests.

I - Itinerary
A highlight of our cruise was "dropping anchor" and going ashore at Vanuatu. There were numerous and varied onshore tours available. It would be difficult not to enjoy the vibrant sights of the South Pacific. We were warmly welcomed by the smiling locals and spent a pleasant day strolling around Port Villa taking note of places to visit when we return in the future. Being in such a simple environment made us deeply thankful for many aspects of life back home in "Oz".

S - Sea sickness
I am glad to report we did not experience sea sickness during our cruise. We packed ginger tablets and arm bands, but despite some big waves at times did not end up requiring assistance. The majority of people we met on board were not troubled by the "motion of the ocean", so don't let this possibility put you off cruising!

E - Entertainment
Another highlight of our tropical adventure were the professional evening shows presented by the entertainment staff. We laughed cried, sang-a-long, cheered and enjoyed each one especially the pirate show which proved to be a real "hit". Fortunately, the pirates although high spirited were friendly!
We are sad to say eventually our fantastic cruise came to an end. Would we cruise again? Without hesitation yes!
Once again thanks RCI for making our dream of a cruising vacation a reality.
Hope to see YOU on board next time around!
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